ATC HALL expands in proportion to your limitless imagination,in the way of combining with our neighbors.
We’re perfectly equipped to host an event for 10-4,000 delegates.
ATC HALL is one of the largest event complex in Osaka following INTEX OSAKA, boasting 7000sqm multipurpose event venue made up of 5 spaces interconnected on the same floor.
ATC HALL can be tailored to exhibitiotns, conventions, banquets, Live entertainments, of any size.
Conference spaces that perfect combined with ATC HALL
ATC HALL has been designed to access to adjoining conference floor easily by using 4 elevators.
We offer 12 meeting rooms that size range from 100- up to 290sqm. These are ideal for the breakout sessions in which tandem with the plenary at ATC HALL.
ATC HALL is located in World-class MICE district.
Sakishima area are visited over 12 million people annually to exhibitions, conventions, events and others. Sakishima area offers an abundance of hotels,ATC HALL is attached to multiple hotels, including Hyatt Regency Osaka, Sakishima Tower Hotel and so on. You will find totaling more than of 1,000 hotel rooms directly connected to ATC HALL,adding our surrounding,600 rooms are provided.
There ’s a huge range of venne opptions just a short walk away.
ATC HALL is closely aligne with nearby venues ,containing INTEX OSAKA, Hyatt Regency Osaka and Hotel FUKURACIA.
We support to meet the client’s requrirement to find the best venue even if our venue would not be available.
ATC HALL also d collaborates with Osaka Bay Area MICE bureau who dedicates to tailor your event to lead success in the best hands.
The bureau is committed to provide new optional venue.
The place of hosting G20 summit 2019.
Our Sakishima area has emerged as a leading destination in hosting remarkable international conference in Asia.
ATC HALL understands the importance of getting our position right when it comes to accommodate all kind of events in the large scale MICE district. We therefore, pride ourselves on providing our incomparable venues and expriences to the clients.