With every laugh we listen,every surprise you come across,they’re connected to our joy.

When you come out of Sakishima Island you won't be the same person who walked in.

SAKISHIMA is the most attractive artifial island floating on Osaka Bay. ATC is a multipule commercial complex on SAKISHIMA island,faced to water front.
Regard ATC as just as exciting to open the door on unknown world.
ATC mall is the premier shopping and dining destination in Sakishima island.Conveniently located adjacent to the station,
A tourist is better judge of good things than any residensial people sometimes.
ATC offers an abundance of services fashion,souvenir,stationery, the others,We have over 70 variety of retails.
Treat yourself to delicious cousins while overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
ATC offers a variety of restaurants including over 2000 steats.Some cafeterias are opened from early morning. the other restaurants satisfy your appetite until late at night.
How we spend work time is,of course, how we spend our lives.
At ATC, our goal is your business’ success. In a mall, center, or office, the retail real estate partnership awaits. ATC offers many different leasing options. There is more than 40000 sqm of office space to accommodate all sizes and budgets.
It’s easy to get around the funs of Osaka from our ATC !
In the Osaka Bay Area surrounding the Sakishima island where ATC is located, you’ll find so many entrainments facilities.Aquarium, sport arena, live music theatre, and hot spring in the heart of everything.
Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau