ATC HALL is a top partner to success your event.
Are you planning to Exhibiton, Conventionor Gala dinner ?
ATC HALL is comprised contiguous 5 spaces all on one level. These spaces have a combined total of 7,000 sqm.
Hall A with 2,900 sqm of pillar free,offers complete flexibility when it comes to space and layout, as well as easy access for loading .
Hall B features as an expansive natural lit foyer, perfect to welcome any congress, reception,or exhibition.
Since this venue was built as Museum, you won’t find more unique decorated and equipped venues anywhere than HALL C
The design featuring curvy style room is highly inspired by “ movie theatre “. Ideal for medium sized breakeout session combined with plenary one
HALL E is positioned close to HALL A which ideally can be used for backstage , staff room,office for administration and also catering space and so on.
Are you planning to workshop, discussion or breakout session ?
See Conference Rooms
Conference Rooms
Our medium and small size conference rooms are ideal for holding breakout sessions and discussion in parallel with on-going session at ATC HALL.
Convention room 1
Convention room 2
Conference room 1
Conference room 2
Conference room 3
Conference room 4
Conference room 5
Conference room 6
Conference room 7
Conference room 8
Conference room 9
Conference room 10
Are you interested in other spaces ?
See Other Spaces
Other Spaces
These spaces dedicate to bring your event into another demension.
Piloti Plaza
ATC Piloti Plaza is a 4,500sqm, fully flat and vast, multi-use outdoor space faced Osaka bay. This event space suits to exhibit motorcycles and vecles, as well as can be parking place for event crew and exhibitor's vehicles.
Umier Cube
An unique venue named " UMIER CUBE " is unified in black color for a wide range of purpose , accommodating creative event sets and breakouts beyond the expected package.